Members of the Secretariat prepare regular newsletters for member schools:

  • Leadership Updates is produced weekly for all leaders and chairs of governing bodies in our schools and services.
  • Business Briefing is produced monthly for Business Managers and Principals.
  • Staying in Touch is produced each term for curriculum leaders in our schools.
  • Risk Matters is produced each month for those managing risk and occupational health in our schools and services.
  • ICT Bytes is produced and sent out on a needs basis for all those leading and managing technology in our schools.
  • Industrial Relations memos go out regularly on a needs basis.

In addition the Queensland Lutheran Early Childhood Services branch produces regular updates for early learning and outrside schools hour care services.

Further information sheets are provided to help people learn more about Lutheran education in Queensland. They also provide information for upcoming elections:


2015 School and College Annual Reports

Grace Lutheran College 2015 Annual Report

St Johns Lutheran Primary School Bundaberg 2015 Annual Report