Pastoral Care and Student Services

Education Program

The Education Program of Queensland Lutheran schools centres around:

  • An innovative and contemporary curriculum
  • Values-based Student and Pastoral Services.

Lutheran Schools across Queensland are supported by the Lutheran Education Queensland Curriculum Team.

Developing a Safe and Supportive School Environment

Lutheran Education Queensland supports schools as they strive to build a safe and supportive school community. Emphasis is placed upon developing a whole-of-school, restorative approach emphasising education and personal responsibility.

At all times these practices are underpinned by the spirit of the Christian Gospel. All members of each school community work honestly to build harmonious relationships and resolve issues of concern or conflict, openly and respectfully.


Special Needs and Disabilities

Lutheran Schools strive to support students with a disability.  Special Education in Lutheran Schools is offered within the limits of available resources to provide assistance and adjusted programmes to support students in accessing the curriculum.

Lutheran  school Special Needs teachers actively network to learn and share their best practices. An annual Lutheran Education Queensland Special Needs Conference further enhances teachers’ skills in this field.


Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is a distinctive feature of Lutheran Education. Whilst each school acknowledges that every person is responsible for Pastoral Care, structures are developed to provide general, nuture and care for students, staff and families, aligned to the Christian ethos of the school.

Focused Pastoral Care includes the development of networks of care and support for individual students, staff and their families in need. An additional strength is when schools liaise with other local Lutheran and community Pastoral Care programs.


Chaplaincy Services

Lutheran School Chaplaincy services support and offer spiritual nurture to school staff (including the Principal) and students (and school families). Leading school worship is another feature of a Lutheran School’s Chaplaincy service, collaborating with school leaders and students to plan a vibrant school worship life. This includes worship as central to the life of the school, marking the rites-of-passage at commencement and graduation.