What would you lose if your favourite free web tool suddenly closed down?

 With the recent closing of Posterous (Blogging Site) and Flipshare (Video Sharing Site with Flip Camera), there are many complaints amongst the education fraternity who utilised these sites greatly. It’s a timely reminder to us that we have come to expect many services on the web to be Free but have we thought of the potential ramifications of this.

Facebook, Youtube, Prezi, Blogs and the thousands of collaborative and information free web 2.0 tools are widely used by consumers all around the world under the assumption that they will never go away and that these services have an utmost obligation to us to secure, backup and archive our information. This is far from reality.

What would you lose if Facebook closed down tonight? You probably have your personal photos archived elsewhere – or do you? You probably have all those photos you received on FB from family around the world copied elsewhere – or do you?

If you are a writer and post numerous blogs, how would you feel if your free blogging site suddenly closed down? Would you have a copy of the articles you posted as well as the rich discussions which your audience engaged?

As schools continue to utilise powerful free web 2.0 tools on the web and teachers and students  invest much time in constructing information, the question needs to be asked whethter a risk assessment has occured  and thus strategies implemented in case of a possible sudden closure of the online systems.

I dare say this has not occurred in the area of  utilization of free web 2.0 tools for schools as schools are only recently formalising their use of these systems.

Apps – Ibooks expectations for them to become free