Enabling Infrastructure & Services

LEQ and LEA ICT Contracts & Partnerships

Lutheran Schools have access to  a number of ICT contracts and partnerships to enable strong purchasing power and quality of service. Lutheran Education has contracts and partnerships with Telstra Australia, Hewlett Packard Australia, Apple Australia, Microsoft Australia, Adobe International, The Somerville Group, AARnet,  BES Computer Systems and Videopro Australia. For further details please contact the Executive Officer ICT


LILS – Linking Lutheran Schools Hosted Services

Lutheran Education Queensland provides centralised Hosted Services for a number of its schools. These services include Schools Administration Systems, Email Systems, Learning Management Systems and Website Management.


XTech – Central Technical Support for Schools

Lutheran Education Queensland is proud to offer its smaller schools high quality technical support from a team of technical support officers. This project has proven extremely successful thorugh its strengths of consistency and redundancy being recognised. Consistency – infrastructure which is educationally focused and consistent across schools enables a shared knowledge for use and improvement. Redundnacy – XTech officers constantly share their knwoledge and site information with each other which provides schools with a team of support rather than one inidividual.


School Improvement Process for ICT in Learning

Lutheran Education Queensland Schools engage in an ongoing process of improvement in ICT. Our schools continually plan, monitor and review the schools Vision and goals in ICT through effective Strategic Planning Processes.