Innovation & Technology

Innovation and Technology

Driving and Enacting Innovation in Learning & Schooling

1.   Supporting and developing a culture for Contemporary Learning  – Future Focussed

2.  Leveraging and supporting conditions for success to enable the 3 Agilities to Contemporary Learning and Schooling

Agile Mindset, Agile Environments and Agile Technologies

3.  Facilitating Systemic Collaboration across Schools to Learn, Create, Share and Innovate together

4.  Facilitating Professional Learning in contemporary areas of learning including Agile Learning with PBL, STEM, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Robotics, Digital  Technologies etc

  Derek Bartels recently awarded – click here 

Facilitating Rich and Meaningful Engagement in Learning Technologies

1.      ICT Strategic Policy and Planning, advice and support for school Leadership

2.      Professional Development Co-ordination  classroom support and direction

3.       Co-ordination of Systemic LEQ with LEA initiatives

4.       Brokering government funding grants and initiatives, brokering systemic technical services and contracts

5.       Technical support advice and direction

6.       Advocacy for Systemic Ownership  through  representation and co-participation

Team 2016

Derek Bartels – Director of Innovation & Technology

Paul Pantelimon – Support Officer LEQ

Alex Wong – Support Officer, XTech Services Lutheran Schools

Scott Richens – Support Officer, XTech Services Lutheran Schools

Tracey Dalton – Personal Assistant

Dr Jason Zagami (Griffith University)- Chair of LEQ Innovation and Technology



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Recent Relevance

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Higher Ed  Horizon Report  2014 – Which Technologies should be adopted by higher education over the next 1 – 5 years?