Getting I.T. Support for LCAQD Building Staff

I.T. Helpdesk at the LCAQD is part of the LEQ ICT Sections and the Helpdesk is generally staffed (in person or virtually) by one fulltime officer 8.30 to 4.30 Monday to Friday.

This helpdesk does not provide service outside these hours  however sometimes this will occur at the discretion and ‘best possible effort’ of the officer.

To lodge an I.T. Helpdesk request please go to and choose it from the “Staff Portals” option

Setting Priority

A reminder on how to flag as Normal, High or Urgent is the following guide (taken from a previous explanation – however only a guide as cases rely on common sense prevailing):

 a) Urgent means something crucial is broken to the point where you cannot find a workaround to carry on working eg

  • in the middle of a presentation and your data projector has blown up and you don’t have  spare
     your computer will not turn on after several attempts
    every file is deleting before your eyes
    there is smoke coming from the back of my computer

In an Urgent request – please call Helpdesk on 4046 the officer will respond then after the event as soon as you have access to the ticket online then lodge the support ticket immediately even though it may be rectified as this also needs to be tracked and analysed.

   An Example where something is not urgent – printer doesn’t print and there are other printers to print to or you are able to take your document via USB or email for someone else to print etc

(ITIL 101, FITS 101 specifies its natural human nature for people to think everything is urgent in I.T. requests however it always requires education to provide guidance in understanding) Generally LCAQD Building performs pretty well in this but some of us sometimes need reminding

     (Note: In prioritising jobs, the helpdesk may re-prioritise your request based on the other jobs at hand.  An automatic email or verbally will advise of change in priority .)

 High generally means that it is an issue which will escalate in magnitude if left unchecked (not responded to) over the next 24 – 48 hrs eg

                                -              A piece of software is continually decreasing in speed every hour

                                -              A sudden increase in spam

                                                                                                                                                   -              The Director’s email address has stopped working

                                -              A staff member has driven over their laptop

                                -              etc etc 


c) Normal generally refers to issues or mods which could improve the user experience in carry out their role or is an issue which is important within the next week or two

  • Combination of two mail locations so that it can be organized into one area
  • PD laptops for an event
  • Editing names in a distribution list
  • New Staff setup
  • Some printers are not showing
  • Purchasing
  • Creation of new forms folders network drives etc
  • Etc etc

Response Times (‘response’ implies starting to attend to job)
As there is only a team of one on the helpdesk and that person is also responsible for general building and deployment of devices, times may vary slightly. Generally a true urgent request as above will be attended to as soon as the officer is made aware of the issue. High priority will be attended to within 2-4 hrs. Normal will be attended to within 24 – 48hrs.

Every attempt will be made to keep the user informed of progress after the initial confirmation email by adding in comments in the original request which the user should also receive automatically via email. Depending on volume and severity of jobs, commenting may occur later than usual as focus on solving the issue may become the sole priority.


Please remember that the I.T. helpdesk is providing support for work related issues only and the work cannot be hindered by reasons to do with personal (not professional)use of computers and related equipment eg:

  • If at anytime a mobile or computing device is required to be reset personal use considerations cannot hinder the process

We will also endeavour to continue to show you some self help strategies for basic troubleshooting or identifying issues which a lot of us in the building are reasonably good at due to our multiple flexible work environments eg – office, car, home, school, church, airport, park, café, etc etc etc