Flip Flip Flip!!! = Success Success Success!!!

 The other day, I spent an afternoon chatting with Miranda Magee from St Andrews Lutheran College. Miranda teachers senior English and about 8 months ago started to ‘Flip’ her classroom. She has had resounding success and has experienced first-hand the benefits outlined in Flip research. Every time I chat with her, she passionately describes how the rich growth in learning and engagement by her students is related to her effective implementation of Flipped learning.

Miranda makes comments such as:

“It is unbelievable, I get 100% engagement by my year 12 English students and the quality of work is always improving”

“Flipping my classroom has enabled us to claw back an extra 2 lessons a week to work on small group higher order thinking episodes”

“My preparation time has become less while students are receiving more 1 to 1, small group and some online time with me”

“I have found that not only has it benefited my students but also myself with less stress during reporting and assessment time enabling me to focus”twitterMiranda

Miranda models  how through a mindset shift,  a flipped classroom can truly transform learning with only small amounts of extra professional learning and preparation. Miranda effortlessly creates and provides online video episodes of  introductory concepts  or tasks which students view (multiple times) prior to face to face class time. Here is the first one she created almost 12 months ago.  As a teacher she is able to gauge through a variety of methods if students have engaged effectively prior to face to face similar to the processes employed by Professor Ruben Puentedura and others. This gives Miranda greater opportunities in class to work on more higher-order  thinking tasks with individuals or small groups. This is ‘True Flip’  – when certain concepts and tasks can be deployed online to students to view and understand successfully  away from school  in order to use ‘traditional’ class time for higher order processing.

Miranda chooses to deploy not only her own created content but other teacher, educator,  expert’s content via her twitter feed which her year 12 class choose to follow. This is an extra sweetener in streamlining ease of use and effort by Miranda and her year 12 class.

View a video of a portion of a recent chat with Miranda as she embarks on replicating the success she has accomplished with year 12 students with her year 11 classes.

Written by Derek Bartels (Executive Officer ICT -Lutheran Education Qld)