Education Program

The Education Program of Queensland Lutheran schools centres around:

  • An innovative and contemporary curriculum
  • Values-based Student and Pastoral Services.

Lutheran Schools across Queensland are supported by the Lutheran Education Queensland Curriculum Team.


An Innovative and Contemporary Curriculum

Lutheran Education Queensland’s curriculum framework provides guidelines for schools developing curriculum programs in accordance with the requirements of the Queensland Studies Authority (QSA) and Queensland’s Australian Curriculum implementation plan.  Teachers create learning experiences that feature intellectual rigour and connect to real-life problems.  The focus is on how to learn as well as what to learn.

Supporting the transition to the Australian Curriculum

Preparation for the implementation of the Australian Curriculum in Lutheran Schools has been built upon a research-based program to ensure a smooth transition in 2012 to the Australian Curriculum Phase 1 Learning Areas – English, Mathematics, Science and History (as well as monitoring and providing feedback about Phase 2 and Phase 3 Learning Areas as they further evolve).

Professional Learning for Curriculum Leaders

Lutheran Education provides a series of digital and face-to-face learning opportunities for middle management leaders to develop their skills and collaboratively draw upon one another’s strengths.

School Improvement Process for Curriculum in Lutheran Schools


Lutheran Education Queensland’s curriculum Framework provides guidelines that focus upon six (6) major areas:

  • Learners and holistic education
  • Mandated curriculum requirements and policies
  • Pedagogy and climate
  • Assessment
  • Reporting
  • Theology and ethos

Professional Learning, School Improvement Plan visits and site-based conversations focus upon major areas.


Lutheran Education Distinctives: Christian Studies

Christian Studies in Lutheran Schools provide a safe and supportive context in which students can reflect on their experiences of the world and on on their own beliefs and spirituality as they attempt to make sense of their rapidly changing and complex global environment, and as they develop their identity as individuals.They do this on the basis of their study of Christianity and their increasing awareness of how the Christian faith relates to all aspects of existence.

Lutheran Education Distinctives: Actioning our Learning

Lutheran Education Queensland is committed to supporting its schools in developing effective approaches to Service Learning, which gives expression to our ethos and values, as well as enhancing both academic and wider personal outcomes for students.