The Secretariat

Lutheran Education Queensland is a Department of the Lutheran Church of Australia Queensland District (LCAQD). It is governed by a Council elected by the Synod of LCAQD.

Currently it comprises the following services:

Director’s Office

Acting Executive Director

Assistant Director

Executive Assistant


Dennis Mulherin


Maria Spina

Hannah Fuller

  • School / Church relations
  • Leadership support
  • Governance support
  • Accountability and reporting
  • Accreditation of schools
  • Strategic initiatives
  • State and Federal networking
Telephone: (07) 3511 4058   Email:

Identity and Formation  

Director of Identity and Formation

Education Officer

Education Officer

Administration Officer

Administration Assistant

Dr Meg Noack

Dominique Jacqueline

Stephanie Maher

Tracey Dalton

Kellie Ogg

  • Christian education, including Christian Studies and worship
  • Accreditation of teachers (Equip, Pathways)
  • Indigenous education, Service-Learning
  • Pastoral care for students
  • Student support services, including relational management, restorative practices
Telephone: (07) 3511 4059  Email:

Business Unit

Chief Financial Officer

Assistant Business Manager

System Accountant/Analyst

Business Unit Administrator



Accounts / Payroll

Kerryn Simpfendorfer

Mark Schneider

Joseph Chia


Christina Spacie

Jean Acutt

Danielle Schneider 

  • System management for Commonwealth / State Government funding
  • Financial management of the Secretariat
  • Financial accountability and reporting to the Church and government for the system
  • Financial risk management
Telephone:(07) 3511 4052  Email:

Innovation and ICT

Director of Innovation and Technologies 

ICT Technical Support (Milton)


ICT Technical Support (schools and centres)

ICT Technical Support (schools and centres)

Derek Bartels


Paul Pantelimon


Alex Wong


Scott Richens

  • ICT Strategic Policy and Planning
  • Co-ordination of Systemic LEQ initiatives
  • ICT advice and support for school Leadership
  • Using ICT in the classroom support and direction
  • Brokering government funding grants and initiatives
  • Technical support advice and direction
  • Brokering systemic ICT services and contracts
Telephone: (07) 3511 4059  Email:

Risk Services

Risk Services Manager

Administration Officer Compliance

Eric Wilson

Valerie Lycho

  • Knowledge management
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Risk management
  • Child protection
  • Valuing Safe Communities  
Telephone: (07) 3512 7287  Email:

Industrial Relations / Human Resources

Industrial Relations Research / Projects Officer

Lisa Walker

  • Employee relations
  • Enterprise bargaining
  • Legal issues
  • Human resources
Telephone: (07) 3511 4065  Email:


In addition, the system includes and is supported by a specialist early childhood services and care branch which is governed by its own Council.

Queensland Lutheran Early Childhood Services Branch

Chief Executive Officer
PA to Executive Officer
Lyndal Mayer
Fiona Williams
  • Providing advice and support to Early Childhood Services, OSHC facilities
  • Monitoring physical environment facilities and programs
  • Assisting staff to access appropriate training and professional learning activities, including Christian education
  • Liaising with government departments, other peak agencies and  Lutheran Education Australia
Telephone: (07) 3511 4077  Email: